AS3266: BitCanal hijack factory, courtesy of Cogent, GTT, and Level3

"we are not the internet police" right? (

Oh dear. The problem with sarcasm is that it falls flat if people don't realize you're being sarcastic.

Text-based messaging is terribly reliable at helping miss the point...

It's a good things our kids of today call each other on the phone to
avoid that :-)...


I ain't friday, but: There is no RFC for the Sarcastica font yet?

 PS:  Our little adventure in BGP who\-done\-it \(a few weeks back\) burned about 25\-30h man hours estimated\.  Should have been sub 5 hours if 1 guy would have cooperated instead of ignoring the issue\.

Why would we need an RFC for Comic Sans?

My VT52 does not do fonts ...