AS16512 Unauthorized Announcement by Lumen


My name is Austin and I work with Rackifi LLC dba CoreTransit. Our ASN is 16512.

We were reassigned this ASN by ARIN.

Level 3/CTL/Lumen currently has being shown in the IRR directory for AS16512.

As we operate the AS16512 ASN, we respectfully ask Lumen to remove this from their IRR records as NewEdgeNetworks does not exist, as it was sold to EarthLink and then Windstream. We do not own the /17 the subnet is part of.

Thank you,
Austin Ayers
Rackifi LLC dba CoreTransit


This prefix isn’t being announced by Lumen, it is merely in their IRR db. This is quite different from your accusation of “unauthorized announcement”.

Stale IRR entries are very common and usually cause no issue on their own. These should be cleaned up to avoid any accidents but that doesn’t always happen.

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