AS16509 (Amazon) peering contact

Hi nanog,

We just joined a IXP (QiX – Montreal) in the hope to offload >4Gbps of traffic to AWS, however it’s been 2 weeks we sent a request to without any reply.

Are they usually taking long to reply? Anyone have a direct contact?



It took us over a year before peering was established. Just keep trying until they reply.

Hey Francois,

Including at least an ASN in the peering request usually helps to expedite the process :slight_smile:

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& keeping your peeringdb entry up-to-date is usually helpful, too.
Depending on who you want to peer with(!)

Some networks require you to have up-to-date peeringdb information for
your network. Including which facilities and/or internet exchanges you
are either connected to and/or present on/in.
This will often be the case if $peering_partner have either partial or
fully automated peering configuration management.


I've always worked with Tim Bates. They were exceptionally quick with standing up my session. like same day quick...

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Hi Kody,

Please don't share a person's e-mail account on a mailing list. Role
accounts are one thing, but not this. If you want to, send it privately.



No private information was shared.

See for yourself:

Hi Kody,

Contact information on PeeringDB is not normally accessible without an account and that information is not indexed by search engines, unlike this and other mailing lists.

My point remains if you want to share a non-role contact, especially for someone at an organization as large as Amazon, due so privately. Otherwise such contacts might become so bogged down by the increased amount of email from world plus dog, they no longer are able to be as helpful or prompt. Alternatively, you could ask the person whose contact you wish to share publicly for consent first. If you did, my apologies.

Good luck we are the 9th largest MSO and still have not gotten a response back from Amazon.

Don't get too excited. For us it took almost 40 weeks to get peering session set up.