AS14202 - 'jacked routes... Whoa! This is just getting silly now!

Somebody else on another mailing list I'm on actually found the
following new 'jacking incident.

Count 'em... one hundred and eighty three (183) separate jacked blocks.

I can't take any credit. I wanted to include, in this posting, the
name of the guy who actually found this stuff, and give him full
credit for finding this, but he's asked me not to.

These announcements may not be around very long. We'll see.


P.S. If ARIN actually does want to clean up and reclaim old abandoned
blocks... well... it would appear that some nice helpful fellow has
already catefully surveyed both 204/8 and 205/8 for such things, on
their behalf. See below.



A better channel for your anger would be the transit providers:

AS3257 Tinet SpA
AS3549 Global Crossing
AS577 Bell Canada

Have you tipped them off? Why are they continuing to accept and
re-advertise these prefixes?

ARIN's done nothing wrong or counter to their policies. If you don't
like the rules, go propose some new ones on PPML.

Drive Slow,
Paul Wall