AS path not optimal

One of my client has peering with nlayer and a provider from Asia. It seems
from one major ISP in US, the best path is through this Asia provider,
instead of through nlayer which we want it to be.

It seems this major ISP does not have a direct peering with nlayer AS 4436
is the cause of this problem.

What is the best way to address this problem?

Add BGP communities to your client's announcements directing the Asia
provider to prepend their AS X times (whatever value of X works best for
you) on passing your client's prefixes to that major ISP in the US.

The Asia provider should be able to provide you a list of their BGP
control communities.


For exit selection, tag the routes you want to influence with a
community and then apply a higher localpref to routes from that community.

if inbound is also coming from asia you should explore prepending
towards that provider via provider communities or in your advertisement
directly (the later obviously is gross)