AS num and route flaps

Is anyone aware of any relationship between AS numbers and route
dampening? Are there any situations, or knobs to be tweaked, that can
result in an AS being dampened due to flaps, rather than only ip
addresses and prefixes and meds coming into play?

I'm working on a tech draft for IPv4 anycast in DNS, and in the hallways
in Chicago there was some peripheral discussion about the problems that
would occur with route dampening including a statement that if the
various anycast addresses were in the same AS and only one of the nets
flapped, they would all be affected if "someone networks" dampened the
AS. For some reason no-one in the assembled pack questioned the veracity
of this statement at the time.

Granted, it was late in the night even for NANOG, but in the cold light
of day I can't see any relationship. So I would appreciate any input in
case someone has found a reason and method to involve AS numbers in
dampening (and specifically related to dampening - I am not examining
other factors like fat fingering, or filtering issues based on AS, at
this stage).

Many thanks...