AS Leakage

> filtered. We saw providers leaking exchange point blocks, so we filtered.
> we dont want to see _701_ from sprint or anyone except _701_, so we
> filter. we do this for other large providers.

That's strange. Your 701 connection goes down and you've filtered any
backup route you had into them. Good thinking.

John Fraizer
EnterZone, Inc

AhHa! the light dawns and Bill sees the error of his ways... and seeking
to banish the curse of ASSUMPTION, he points out to John that the statement;
"Your ... connection goes down ... you've filtered any backup route"
presuposes certain preexiting conditions.

  Please note Johns presumption of the singular.
  I expect the environment Christian is in may not
  suffer the presumption of singularity, at least
  where such filtering is in place.