AS 58400 announcing

Seems like AS 58400
is announcing

Seems like HE's is getting it in their collected data

Overall it's just being ignored everywhere but for some strange reason my
ISP in India picked less specific announcement for sometime and few sites
in one of its /24 chuck for net4india went down. is
allocated prefix to Net4 by APNIC and they are announcing it at IXP as well
as upstream transit.

Anyone saw issues with this prefix ever? I hope I am not missing some test
or so with prefix at University in this case.

Also, as per HE's collected data, the AS path is
AS28289 <> AS53131 <>
AS10429 <> AS12956 <>
AS701 <> AS6762 <>
AS58400 <>

So is AS6762 Telecom Itlia not filtering their Indonesian customer ?