Arista Switch Suggestion

I asked over at a couple weeks ago, but didn’t get an answer, so I have moved to a larger group.

I understand that some Arista switches will expose each VLAN in SNMP so I can monitor traffic on a VLAN independently of over VLANs on that same physical interface. Some of them don’t.

Which ones do?

I prefer a solid used switch.

10G ports are fine.

You should be able to do that with Sflow, which they all/most support.

Also, this seems like standard Ifmib stuff, any snmp poller should be able to handle that, from a metrics perspective .


I have not found x-flow to have the accuracy I would like. Either there’s a loss of information due to sampling and such low-usage interfaces (or VLANs in this case) are lost in the noise or there’s information overload due to no sampling at all.

I have seen very few platforms expose counter information about VLANs in the same way they do regular interfaces. Some Juniper platforms, Mikrotik, and I hear some Aristas as well.

I can confirm 7050X series do support this feature.We’re using 7050SX and 7050S, 7050S isn’t supported

Am I reading correctly in that there has to be a layer 3 configuration on the VLAN for that to function?

Yes that’s required.