hey there,

I just wanted to share my experience dealing with ARIN support this week. I think it’s not very common to see people taking the time to write something like this but I personally think we should do more often.

It has been long time since I had to deal with RIRs and this week I had to do several things in ARIN. The support has team was very quick responding, very useful with their recommendations to my questions, and had a great attitude towards solving problems. I can certainly say they went above and beyond when I opened a ticket with wrong request type and they asked me if they can close it and open a new one for me? I mean… this is called going Above and Beyond!

thank you all ARIN support desk and especially Lisa Liedel for this great experience. and @John Curran please accept this sincere thanks on your team’s behalf!


Mehmet -

I shall pass along your praise to the team that does all the real work - and I very glad we could help out!


John Curran
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers

Thank you for taking time out to recognize the great team in RSD Mehmet! The fact is they go above and beyond each and every day and it’s great to see that pointed out. Lisa and her team are amazing. Thank you again.

Well said my friend. Support often not gets the respect they deserve, when it comes to ARINthiugh a big shout out! Always outstanding.