ARIN whois

You missed the point. ORBS is the source of information for spammers. They are inciting attacks. I've got mail from Alan Brown inciting "script kiddies" to do just that. Our problems with unauthorized relays started after being listed by ORBS. They incite the attacks. They are responsible for attacks. We make sure the note this in our complaints the the FBI.

They advertise the list of relays on a web page to incite attacks against those relays. They don't need to do this to block spam.


Around 12:54 AM 11/25/1999 -0800, rumor has it that said:

Generally speaking, the people who run those relays that are open aren't
idiots, and when they notice the spamming they fix the relay. It's called
negative reinforcement, and -- aside from yourself -- it works rather