ARIN whois

I have never heard them say anything of the sort.

I do know that ORBS is uncommonly good at blocking relays. Much, much better than RBL. One admin I talked to recently told me about 8 of 10 relayed spams were identified by ORBS. Of course, is ORBS that good, or is ORBS actually the source of the relay attacks? I think the latter. I know our attacks increased (started actually) after ORBS people started inciting attacks.

If it weren't for ORBS there wouldn't be so many relay attacks.

I think it would be helpful to block all traffic to ORBS as an organization that promotes and incites criminal activity. I think port scanning from ORBS into the US can be blocked immediately by any ISP as an unauthorized security scan, and a security attack. We block them not only from our servers, but all of our customers as well. Of course, they still advertise our servers to spammer and antispammer attackers. All I can do is keep listing them in our complaints to the FBI. But more complaints will help.


Read the definition of _mail hub_ in their policy... I am not 100% sure if it
was just abour ORBS.

On the other hand, ORBS is useless - if someone use it, he no doubt lost a lot
of important mail -:). Nobody serious can use it.