ARIN whois

You can be right all you want. But how much money are you going to get out
of these people? Forget about the fact that you have no legal contract
with them, direct or implied. You're trying to get money out of people who
can't even afford to pay for legitimate advertising, and have to resort to
illegal free advertising. You're going to collect, at most, a broken down
trailer home.

Last time I checked, there is a minimum of 2-3 years worth of waiting
involved in getting an FBI investigation into bullshit computer crimes
like this. You could stop the problem in a lot less than 2-3 years if you
had any kind of clue as to what you're doing.

Why don't you stop helping the spammers to ruin the Internet by being an
open relay... Read "System Administration for Dummies", and learn how to
run a mail server? The bottom line is, you're ignorance is causing
the problem, not the spammers.

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