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Around 04:07 PM 11/22/1999 -0600, rumor has it that Joe Shaw said:

The FBI has recently stated that their computer crimes people are entirely
overworked and way behind. So, while they will look into the matter, my
previous experience with the FBI and computer crime shows a decided lack
of interest in crimes that don't involve a high dollar figure for damages
or stolen goods/services except for the purposes of profiling attacks and
doing trend analysis. Unless you're looking at a six figure loss, you
probably won't get far.

Thats been my experience too. The problem right now though is most of the boston office is off on Egypt Air. (I didn't know what the agent meant by "newport" at first) Though I have no idea what they are really going to do about that. Tape is pretty clear cut. Everyone is dead. Whats there to figure out?

Your best bet is to find a solution to restrict access to your relays.

Would. But there isn't/hasn't been one. Talking with Dan Senie offline about SMTP AUTH. Might be more widely deployed than I knew.


SMTP Auth is available in Sendmail 8.10b6 which I am running now on I
am successfully using Netscape Communicator 4.6 to authenticate myself when sending
mail through my server. Works well with newer versions of Eudora and Netscape. SASL doesn't understand Microsoft Outlook's LOGIN authentication. I am planning on writing a module to correct that. Don't know when exactly I will have it done.

Dean Anderson wrote: