ARIN whois (fwd)

I'm all for working with the community. Each time I have, it has turned out that we need to operate relays.

Last time I checked, its not the "community"'s job to administrate your
network. That kind of statement is solid proof that you have absolutely no
idea what you're doing. Why don't you hire a professional to run your
network? Better yet, I'll do it for free if your company promises to fire
you, or at least demote you to a position that would put you no where near
an electronic device.

Its the foolish people who ASSUME that all of the internet is composed
of cable modems and the company email server, and the internal company
modem bank, all behind a firewall and a VPN who think we don't need to
operate relays.

Nobody needs to operate open relays, no matter what. No exceptions.

Try to take relaying out of sendmail, and see what happens.

Sendmail is designed to relay. So what? That doesn't mean you're supposed
to be an open relay.

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