ARIN Wants Your Feedback

the survey questions are highly biased toward arin's view of itself.
just one example. you ask how well arin serves it's members and
customers. you do not ask how well it serves the internet community,
the internet, or society in general. and that particular bias in
viewpoint is at the core of arin's failure.


I answered it truthfully, I clicked a lot of 1s.

I answered it truthfully, I clicked a lot of 1s.

i actually find day-to-day transactions with hostfolk ok. the org just
has no vision of the internet. register, do not regulate. board, ceo,
and AC seem to be dominated by itu wannabes.


An interesting comment given that we currently do a lot more of the former and a lot less of the latter than what ARIN did when you were on the AC.


Randy -

  Thanks for the feedback! We'd like to keep the questions
  consistent to readily support year-over-year comparisons,
  but adding several questions regarding ARIN's service to
  the Internet and society is excellent idea that we should
  be able to accommodate next time around.


John Curran
President and CEO

Gentlemen! Cease this infernal internal bickering! If we do not make common cause against the one true enemy, the User, all is lost! ...

-george william herbert