arin representation

I have just as many issues getting ARIN IP space as the next guy and
companies like Verizon. I do vote - yes half the time I am not sure,
exactly who I am voting for from just a bio and candidate paragraph.

As a result, I decided to attend ARIN meetings. I have been to about six
ARIN meetings in the last 24 months. Many coordinated with NANOG events.
Makes it convenient for ARIN to obtain more input. What I thought was an
isolated boondoggle meeting in Barbados turned out not to be. I went to
see if the discussion changed at all there or only one side was pushed by
big companies that can afford a boondoggle. It didn't change. I saw
representation on both sides of a discussion, sometimes they turned in to
arguments. I was really surprised to see the ARIN staff work so much. I
thought they would waste time enjoying the island. I was surprised that I
had arrived before most of the staff. After the meeting almost everyone I
knew on the staff or elected left within 24 hours. I thought that was a
little to short for all the travel time and hours they put in for the
meeting to take place.

Like every governing body, it's easy to criticize it. However, if it were
some big monopoly with giant hidden agendas accomplished behind closed
doors, I wouldn't see networks like Verizon disappointed at an ARIN
meeting as their perspective was being over ruled by the majority. I have
seen this at a meeting when Verizon decided to go purchase IPv4 space in
the marketplace as they could not obtain what they tried to justify. It
would have been a huge chunk of what remained. The IPv4 marketplace grew
even more that week.

I like term limits for every governing body - except when it's a company I
built with my money. :slight_smile:

Bob Evans
Fiber Internet Center

I've seen term limits significantly harm organizations due to the churn that
can happen as a result. Folks aren't as invested long-term as a consequence.

This can clearly cut both ways resulting in some positions being protected longer
than they should, or allowing the entire "vote the bums out" crowd to cause
unstable behavior afterwards.

I believe there are things that ARIN could do better but don't have
the time to invest in the process to correct these. I do take time
to lobby those who I know that are involved in the process and express
my opinion of the ways that ARIN could do a better service for the community.

- Jared