ARIN policy proposals of interest

There are two policy proposals coming up at ARIN that may be of particular
interest to ISPs here that may not normally pay much attention to ARIN.

The first is 2002-3 which allows for end-user assignments of /22 instead
of /20.

The second is 2003-15 which, if passed, would provide /22 ALLOCATIONS
to ISPs in sub-saharan Africa ONLY.

I have been recommending that 2003-15 be amended to expand to all of ARIN
and not be specific to a portion of Africa only, since I know there are
a number of small(er) ISPs in North America that could benefit from such
a policy.

If you care about ARIN being able to allocate /22s, it might be well worth
subscribing to PPML@ARIN.NTE or paying particular attention to these two
proposals at the ARIN public policy meeting.