ARIN NRPM 2017.4: New Policies Implemented


Two new policies affecting transfers of number resources have been implemented
at ARIN – it is worthing taking a moment to become familiar with these changes if
you manage IP number resources.


John Curran
President and CEO


Forgive me if I'm missing something obvious, but I looked at all the links in the email you forwarded to TW list, and I cannot see anything that specifically details the set of two policy changes you mentioned. The minutes of the June meeting talk about some policy changes in general, but they don't provide the specific language. I could try to diff the entire policy in the NPRM, but that's not very practical. Is there a mark-up document showing the specific changes and where they appear in the in NPRM?


Mel -

  My apologies. There is a NRPM change log is available in the navigation box
  on the right hand side of the NRPM page, and it contains links to the two policy
  language changes (which I’ve included below for ready reference) -