ARIN IP6 policy for those with legacy IP4 Space

Joe Greco wrote:
> It's not the initial assignment fee that's really an impediment, it's
> moving from a model where the address space is free (or nearly so) to
> a model where you're paying a significant annual fee for the space.
> We'd be doing IPv6 here if not for the annual fee. As it stands, there
> isn't that much reason to do IPv6, and a significant disincentive in the
> form of the fees.
> ... JG

I have to agree ... why such high charges when a similar service like
GoDaddy provides (domain name registrar) is $15 a year?

Is it REALLY X times the level of difficulty of registering a domain
name, and thus the charges are justified? I will let someone who is
very technical explain this to me.

Because when ARIN gets into a legal p***ing match with someone (Kremen,
etc), the cash to fight that comes from somewhere.

When you're registering many millions of domain names, that's going to
generate more revenue even at the lower price than what ARIN brings in.

... JG