ARIN Fantasy WHOIS: NET-216-179-183-0-1

As if to underscore the point I just tried to make about the fundamental
unreliability of ARIN WHOIS records, I just stumbled onto this rather
curious entity which was apparently given a sub-allocation of
beneath the (Azuki, Inc.) block as of 2012-01-10:

OrgName: Rogers Communications Inc
OrgId: RC-82
Address: E 2nd St,Campbell
City: Gillette
StateProv: WY
PostalCode: 82716
Country: US
RegDate: 2012-01-10
Updated: 2012-01-10

Other that the fact that it has an oddly similar name to one of Canada's
largest and most well-known Internet and cell phone companies, the only
other thing that's rather remarkable about it is that it was given the block, by Azuki, Inc. in 2012. What's odd about that?
Well, only the fact that this *Wyoming* incarnation of Rogers Communications
had apparently already died and gone to Valhalla some 14 years earlier,
in 1998:

Moral of the story: Don't ever let anybody tell you that ghosts... even
ghosts of long dead companies... aren't real or that they do not walk
among us. Their immortal auras pervade the very ether we breath.

And they have their own IPs, apparently.

But, you know, if your customers are getting hack attacks emmanating from well... to quote the old Ghostbusters tag line "Who
you gonna call?" (Hint: Don't waste your time calling the number in the
WHOIS record. It's just some bloody preschool.)


I wonder whom did the ARIN have sent bills to.

If it’s legacy, there are no bills?