ARIN allocating /20 netblocks?

Karl Denninger writes:

  Used previous allocation in < 3 months = Add 2 bits to the size
    (ie: Used a /19 in > 3 months, get a /17 next time)

  Used previous allocation in < 6 months = Add 1 bit to the size
    (ie: Used a /19 in < 6 months, get a /18 next time)

  Used previous allocation >= 6 months, <= 1 years = Same size

  Used previous allocation >= 1 year = Decrease one bit size UNLESS
    you were at a /19, in which case we give you another /19


So we just got Mr. Big on the net - completely - with less than a half-dozen

This RIPE-like scheme is an extremely good one, and it would
be a fantastic idea for ARIN to continue evolving towards an
allocation policy very much like this.


There is no need to "evolve" towards anything like this.

In fact, there is no TECHNICAL reason that I've heard articulated not to
drop all subjective criteria and do precisely this right now.

And yes, I intend to put forth, in the next few days, a revised policy
change for the AC to debate and vote on during the June meeting.

AC votes are public information, including who voted in which direction.