ARIN Advisory Council recommendations I have made

As promised, here is my list of agenda items I believe are important for
ARIN to "fix" within the immediate timeframe. All of these have been
previously posted to the Advisory Council mailing list by myself.

This is on the general topic of governance and transparency. My next
message will be my repost on the topics of operational policy (ie: who
can get PI address space, what justification is required, etc).

I am expanding the discussion list to NANOG and the ARIN Members mailing
lists. Please post comments PUBLICALLY, or if you feel you cannot do so
without "cloaking" yourself, through someone else (who you trust to strip
the attribution).

High Level TOPIC #1 - Governance of ARIN

All of these have been
previously posted to the Advisory Council mailing list by myself.

Is that so?

3. The motion currently on the table from the last BoT meeting to give
  Kim Hubbard a vote as a Trustee should be, IMHO, defeated.

First I've heard of this. If any members are curious about this there is
indeed some discussion of it in the minutes of the March 19th BoT meeting
in the Members section of the ARIN website.

You have the other two (the address allocation policy changes and pricing
changes) as well. Would you like me to write these up formally?

There have been so many messages from you to the AC wandering all over the
map that I personally am not willing to consider a single one of your
suggestions unless you write them up as formal proposals in bite-size
chunks. This doesn't mean that I dislike all of your ideas because I think
you have some very good suggestions in there but they are so entangled in
accusations, innuendo, old RFCs, past actions of the Internic, antitrust
lawsuit threats, etc., that I'd rather see the proposals come to the AC
from one of the members in a clearly written, rational and cogent form
that I can deal with.