Arelion/Telia AS1299 issues?

Hey all, anyone aware of issues with Arelion this morning? We have a bunch of end users on at least Cox and Cogeco who are having serious issues with service access, and the problem appears to be on the return path where it traverses Arelion. Source net is Lumen/L3 3356 but loss/latency doesn’t appear to creep up until already within Arelion’s network.

Imperva mentioned outage/degradation due to a national ISP issue too, so I suspect it’s affecting more than just certain peerings.



We had the same issue with Arelion this morning, a huge increase in the latency and jitter was happening across the US and of course for any traffic sourced from the EU flowing to the US.
Within the US we noticed a latency spike from 20-50ms to ~200ms. From the EU to our US facilities, we noticed a spike from ~130ms to ~400ms.

We also observed this today, UTC morning, esp. across the pond, and our
alternative paths from Europe to the US were suffering from the still unfixed
fibre cut, so I was a bit unhappy with 200 extra ms, and 60% loss.

1299 seems to've found an alternative path in the meantime, looks good to us.


I’m experiencing this in the southeast US region.

Unfortunately, return traffic from a data center that we have a VPN connection to. Is routed first over Level 3 who is then handing it off to Arelion in Miami where we then see the 200 to 300 millisecond latency and 50% plus packet loss.

$dayjob has transit from 1299 in Miami. We’ve been seeing packet loss nearby in their network since around 06:00 UTC, still ongoing.

I’ve got a small single-homed site in Central Europe with an Arelion transit circuit and it had some brief connectivity issues around 0830-0900 Central US time. Cleared up relatively quickly.
Also have connectivity with Arelion in NYC at 60 Hudson, but have not experienced any issues related to that transit circuit which is part of a significantly larger multi-homed network.

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About as ugly as a graph as ive seen! Reverse path for this site is cogent, mtr and forward ISP failing me a bit not returning the transition hop IP I need to verify, but im assuming its Arelion. This site is in the southeast also.

It’s definitely been an annoying day. Cogent’s “don’t advertise to telia” BGP community doesn’t work, so we can’t route around this either. Then again, my bad for using the “Wal-mart” of the internet.


Cogent doesn’t have any peer specific action communities.