Are you all aware of Juno Mail? (

Re a recent remark about support of network communications ventures by
advertising, Juno is supported by advertisements only. There is another
similar service in the launch phase:


Both are free to the end-user, modulo extra connect time to download the
unobtrusive advertisements that appear in the upper right portion of the
Juno mailreader screen (I do not know about FreeMark).

Juno supports only Internet-style e-mail, and only via dial-up (including
1-800 numbers for those subscribers not yet served by local toll-free
numbers). No web, FTP, chat, etc. But, it is a great adjunct for people
who want to keep personal mail separate from the official mail that they do
on their employers' systems. Or for folks who just want e-mail.

A recent message to subscribers notes that Juno is doing its best to keep
up with burgeoning demand.


Steve G.