Are we back to the 2000's again?

Apparently the RIAA is back suing ISP's (Cox in this case) for users pirating music. It was pretty bogus back then, but with the uptake of TLS for almost everything and DoH to conceal DNS requests what exactly is an ISP supposed to do these days? Throw in a VPN and the pirates completely cut out the ISP.

Am I missing something?


It’s like blaming water companies for people stealing boats :slight_smile:

-mel beckman

That it's old news from 2019? Cox and RIAA are in the appeals process
from the 2019 verdict.


But still, boats :slight_smile:


It's been a while and the article is light on the facts of the case,
but IIRC what happened was: RIAA made some DMCA complaints to Cox. Cox
decided that since they were the network rather than the host, they
couldn't "remove" the offending material, wouldn't cut the user's
access and, because they have such respect for customer privacy,
wouldn't tell the RIAA who the customers were unless RIAA subpoenaed
them under a John Doe suit.

The court decided that Cox's behavior was sufficient to waive the
DMCA's liability shield for Internet providers and off they went to

Bill Herrin

How can the RIAA even know? I mean, are they putting up honey pots or something?


IIRC, they went after folks sharing the files via bit torrent rather
than folks who only downloaded them.

Oh yeah. This oh-so-two decades ago. I can't believe this sort of thing is still going on. What a pointless waste of money.