Are the Route Servers Viable Solutions That Are Being Held Hostage?

In short, I think the chief failing of the RADB is not the
toolset, the concept, or the long-term plan, all of which
make some to alot of sense. Instead, what seems to have
killed it dead is that the RA was too busy to commit the
*serious* effort it would have taken to populate the RADB
with information from reality in the first place.

This paragraph begs the question: Can the patient be saved? That is,
if the concept, toolset and long-term plan make some to alot of sense,
do we move forward by fixing the existing problems or starting over?

My feeling is that patient can and should be saved; it is worth
the effort to clean up the RADB where it is needed.
The tools and concepts work. There is a solid group of people
behind the design. As a small provider, we have seen nothing
but Good Things since embracing these services.