arbitrary SWIP rewriting by ARIN?

This is probably borderline as an operational issue, but have other people
noticed how ARIN sometimes makes arbitrary changes to SWIP requests before
processing them? In particular, they seem fond of changing the network name
field for no apparent reason. There have been two cases where I tried to go
back and modify an entry only to have the modify request rejected because the
net named "didn't exist." When I checked the records, ARIN had inserted a
dash in the middle of the name. The changes were from things like "CUST-BLK1"
to "CUST-BLK-1". Neither name was in use before the assignment. If they have
a naming standard, I wish they would tell me and not just arbitrarily change
my request. Keeping track of everything they want is hard enough without
having to account for name changes by ARIN.

I was also surprised to get an assignment request bounced once with a
hand-written message asking if I really meant to "assign" a block instead of
"allocating" it. I responded that, yes, I really meant what I had asked, and
they processed it a day or two later. Are SWIP requests all reviewed manually
to make sure we are being good children?