April Fools' Day

The first true April Fools' Day RFC
(748) is about to celebrate its 29th
birthday. There was none last year.

But Tom Limoncelli and I have collected
all the RFCs together with some "bonus

Bonus material includes commentary by Salus
and Limoncelli, other funny and historical RFCs
(the ones not published in April), plus forewords
by Mike O'Dell, Scott Bradner, and Brad Templeton.

Over 400 pages of delight!

See //www.rfc-humor.com/


Peter, thanks! If you're the Peter I think you are [ah, yes, I see you
are], you've been invaluable at keeping us communicating, and at
recording our serious and light moments over the decades. :wink:

I should point out that this project was dead in the water a few
times and Peter kept it going. Way to go!