Apologies (Re: Internic does it again)

My gaffe. Around here, every day is a business day. After spending three
days trying to jam shit through hostmaster@internic.net, when it finally
does go through the template changes and you have to retype 50 templates
then resubmit, just because they decided to add a 4 page "contract" at the
beginning, and eliminate your selection of (P)ostal or (E)mail for invoice
delivery :(. So my frustration level is rather high.

Beat me, flog me. Sorry for the alarm.

Just trying to see if the clients records were updated, after 2 1/2 days of

BTW Randy, from http://www.psg.com/clue.html

Show some respect for other human beings and act as if you were in adult

Stop talking about people. Talk about ideas.

Do not use adjectives like good, bad, stoopid.

If you are still frustrated and can't hold it in, go to Usenet and try

I'll abide if you will.

Back to tabulating statistics on TCAP... Interesting stories. Best so
far, 2 out of a /16 actually in use. And crawling in my hole...