I was waiting for someone to bring this up, but it didn't happen.

  The "19 hour" outage of AOL was attributed to a new network
  operating system update, by at least one media story I read. I'm
  curious is there're any interesting lessons from this for the rest
  of us?

Perhaps: Always make sure you have that "UnInstall" option available
to you? =-)

I paused for a moment and considered how interesting it is that
a problem with an online service is now headline news... on the same
day NASA announced there is(was) probably other life in the universe.

Austin CableVision ( Time/Warner ) was down all night starting with the
first clap of thunder last night. Happens everytime we get a
thunderstorm!! I have yet to see a report in the local news rag of these
regular outages, let alone National news.

My Net connection has yet to Drop via SW Bell from my house to the rest of
the wired universe. How could I ever count on Cable for a Net connection?

Wireless in the Gigahertz range would at least recover when the intense
rains stopped. This is much faster recovery of service than my Time/Warner
Cable service which takes hours to come back on, long after the rains

Just can't count on cable when it counts. Buth this doesn't make even the
Local News. Maybe because it is such old news!!!!.............

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