AOL security contact?

Anyone have an AOL security contact because like I posted yesterday,
CNN was hit through a redirect vulnerability in their ad system and
now AOL is suffering the same thing by having some scammer serving up
"Casey Anthony leaked lawyer video" crap as Facebook spam where
unsuspecting lusers are clicking like wild on it

My recommendation to anyone from Facebook who's listening here:

Block the whole damn domain. That will get them to contact you. :slight_smile:

-- jra

I tried, which I got when I did a whois on the IP of
the affected domain, then hit noc@ and

I fired off an email to iWeb, who is hosting the scam site and is
notorious for lack of response, and GoDaddy.

My recommendation to anyone: start blocking .info like how Google delisted


Did you not get my direct email to you? I included the email address there,
here it is again for yourself and others who need to report a security
vulnerability with an AOL property.