AOL postmaster (new request)

I really hate doing this but after 5 days and no one at AOL's helpdesk can even
tell me why our subnets are being blocked. Can someone with the Postmaster
helpdesk level 2 or higher please contact me. I have a ticket, I have followed
all the rules, and I am still being told that no one knows why the block is
there and no one knows when I will get a phone call or an email. Yes I accept
mail for postmaster and root @ServerIP. No there is nothing in either mailbox.
I am not listed on any other blacklists so I am really quite confused as to why
this is so difficult.


<End of List Noise>

I'd have thought this was common knowledge by now...enough of us have gone
through it.

Do you currently get scomp reports from AOL for your IP space?
If not, tell their helpdesk people you want to get setup for scomp

The most likely reason for AOL blocking you is they've received greater
than some threshold of AOL user spam complaints for email originating at
or relayed through your network.

Have you verified that they're blocking entire subnets or all of your IP
space, or is it just one or a few mail server IPs? If it's just a few
IPs, the quickest fix is to add some additional IPs to your outgoing mail
server(s) and make them talk to AOL using the new IPs. That will get mail
flowing again, but you still need to track down and deal with whatever
problem caused them to block you, or your new IPs will end up blocked as