AOL Host/Mail Contact?

Hi folks --

Anyone out there from AOL who's listening, or does anyone out there have a contact for someone appropriate to this query please...

One of our domains,, and all subdomains, are being bounced by AOL and AOL alone. There's nothing wrong with the zone, AOL's relays are just giving "Host not found" whereas everything else is fine. Seems to be only or *, and only on AOL, which leads me to believe there's something icky in AOL's resolvers doing this.

Dig reveals everything fine all the way down the line as far as DNS is concerned.

Any assistance would be appreciated please!




You should be able to send to the AOL relays now. We had an
issue with some of our nameservers and the zone which
are now resolved(no pun intended). Sorry for any inconvenience.


Cheers for the speedy response Jon - much appreciated.