Anyone using?

Let me change your question a little...

Most hw vendors announces now intergared router-switches (CISCO
NORTEL, etc); usially it is very fast but limited-features devices.

The question - is anyone using such devices in the production networ? In
the ISP network?

We were close to getting some for our network, but were unable to get any
hard facts about people who are using them as "backbone" or "border"
routers. In the end, we've decided to go with Cisco GSR's.

The flaws we tended to find were with not enough enough memory to hold
full routing tables, or a limit on the number of route entries. Another
flaw was mentioned with regard to the route caching - something about
needing to hold in table of which IP addresses were on which port (usual
switch behaviour).


When CISCO announced their new router-switch products, they said _it do
not support BGP in the first versions_. And I had impression _they
positioned this boxes for the corporate networks only_, through I do not
know which corporate network need to keep such _gigabit_ traffic (the only
example I know are video-content--providers and new Voice-over-data
telephone services.

As a matter of facts, I think they (big router vendors) are moving from
the Internet toward the corporate customers. And this make a free space
for the new router vendors available...