Anyone shed light on Verizon blocking pop3 offnetwork?

I have a customer that left Verizon FIOS when he moved but kept his email address. About a month ago, he says his pop3 quit connecting. I've tested the ports he's using and notice they aren't responding. He's tried helpdesk and they sent him to the abuse whitelist. He tried the abuse@, which of course wouldn't be the correct location. Any recommendations?


Good luck.

Let me know if you find anybody with a clue over there.

Last week we took over ZoneEdit (DNS Provider + mail forwarding) and
they started blocking the new ZoneEdit mail forwarders within a couple
hours of go-live - almost certainly it's some statistical based block
because of the sudden influx of mail from a new IP.

Impossible to get ahold of anybody, multiple delist requests go unanswered.

Almost considering blocking verizon across everything we control just to
get somebody's f***ing attention over there.

- mark

Jack Bates wrote:

No issues here coming from Level 3, CenturyLink, Mammoth, or Comcast. Able to telnet to on 995 and on 465.



I have 5 telephone companies that cannot reach it. :frowning:


Okay. This appears to be Network based filters.

We cannot connect from networks in 104/8, 158/8, or 107/8.

We are able to connect using the provider IP Address on the border routers. We also had an upstream test from 199/8 and they were successful.

I've already sent emails to the whois contact without response.

Jack Bates