Anyone know...

If you got mail on saturday, then I think the next reload is monday night.


The root updates occur 7 days a week now at 7PM ET every day. Used to only be
weekdays, but has been every day since several months ago.

Not having been able to get in touch with the InterNIC ("All lines are busy"),
I looked up NetSol's site and called the 888 number for their WorldNIC
division and (fortunately) got someone who sounded like she knew a little bit
about the inner workings of the domain reg process. She said it takes 24-72
hours for changes to propagate because of the large number of registrations
they deal with. That sounded logical to me, except InterNIC doesn't say
ANYTHING about a 24-72 hour propagation time on their e-mails, and I've ALWAYS
been able to check the root nameservers a few hours after a reload and see the

Oh well. I guess I'll call them back if NFORCE isn't authoritative on
Wednesday morning...