Anyone know of PPP conflicts between IOS 11.x & 12.x ? (fwd)

Hello Jon & All, Yup sure did . Even got it from the horses
  mouth so to speak. But names have been remove to protect the
  guilty ;-). Hth, JimL (Just below)

Ever find your problem? Most stuff like this I've seen has been due to
flaky/misconfigured line hardware - had a frame circuit once that showed
line/protocol both up, but gave CRCs on all data - turned out to be a
DSU configured for 1 less channel than it was supposed to have...

Interested in the answer,


bug in 12.0.4 involving the "new model" authentication stuff...
12.0.5 allowed for dialup to use new model but by default
WAN links do not use new model and/or no ppp authorization
over-rides new model... 12.0.4 does not, so PPP was trying
to authenticate...

fix is to put

aaa authorization network foo none

into config and then

ppp authorization foo

into config for interface...

bullshit cisco stuff...

no ppp authorization

which is default on WAN should have done it, and indeed did do it
on 12.0.5T