Anyone here from Amazon AS16509 - LINX Exchange Prefixes

Hey all,

Is there anyone on here from Amazon, they appear to have stopped advertising all of their prefixes on the LINX exchange since Sunday.

Emailing their peeringdb contacts yields no response, they only ever seem to respond when they want something from you.

Them withdrawing their prefixes seems to be becoming a regular thing on LINX.


Hi Scott,

When you have a large number of geographically dispersed peering
points, BGP starts to make some unexpected choices. I've seen traffic
from China to Taiwan transit Los Angeles despite a dozen closer
peering points because the AS path was shorter.

When Amazon has a problem with a system component, anything from
hardware failure to customer complaint to metrics that reveal a
performance issue, the go-to mitigation is to remove that component
from service and let the remainder take the load. Restoration is then
triaged. It will definitely wait for root-cause analysis and change to
the automated configuration and may have to wait for software
development as well. Unless the metrics with the component out of
service reveal a significant impairment or a major paying customer
complains, it won't triage to a high priority.

All of which is to say: even if you could get a response from them,
they wouldn't restore the BGP announcements any sooner. Sucks, but
that's how it is. If that peering is important to you, you're going to
want to peer in additional locations.

Bill Herrin