Anyone heard of anything at OC24?


Hopefully this isn't to far off topic, but I have sort of a wierd problem
that no one else has been able to figure out and was wondering if the
collective intellect gathered here might be able to drum up a solution.

I work for a company that has a wireless product that we've been developing
that is basically a fiber repeater. The limiting factors are our transmitter
and detector circuitry capabilities and the clock recovery circuitry. Right
now we can clock the units to OC12, OC24 and GE (1.25Gbps).

I have all of the management types wanting to demonstrate "gigabit atm" or
"gigabit pos", and we won't be able to do OC48 for a while. So at this point
the closest we can get is OC24 (not counting GE, since we have some customers
that really want ATM for legacy reasons). While we can do OC12 they aren't
happy w/ that since its less than 1Gbps in one direction (and well, whatever
I'm sure you know how irrational discusions like that go).

The problem I'm having is that I can't find anything that does anything at
OC24. If I could find a simple TDM device or circuit that combined 2xOC12 to
OC24 that would be perfect (and stays in line with the protocol agnostic radio
theory). Failing that some sort of ATM device that has OCx and OC24 interfaces
would be a nifty second choice.

If any of you know of any chipsets and/or products that do this let me know.

Please send replies direct to me as I would be suprised if the answers are of
much interest to anyone else (if I'm wrong on that one, let me know and I'll
send you a summarization).