Anyone have experience with Adconion Direct?

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Adconion Direct?

It is the standard we want a server with lots of IP's. And I am thinking he is probably a spammer or what not. However unlike most of the requests we get like this, they look to have the most legit looking profile I have seen.

I am thinking they are a company I don't want to host. But I thought I would check with the community here and see what others might know about these guys.

Also along the lines of spammers and or similar activities is there a good resource for looking up people/companies that might be not so legit? I know of the ROKSO that spamhaus has but from what I have seen it is hard to even report spammer to them and wasn't sure how active that was getting updated these days.




I do. I know their head of Ops (Hal) quite well as I used to work with him
at a previous company.

They are an advertising delivery network, rather than spammers. I've pinged
him on Skype to ask more.



If a company has a ROKSO record, you don't want to host them. And spamhaus
IS responsive.

Yes they don't take spam reports from people - they got their own traps.
They ARE responsive to requests for removal where the request checks out
and meets their criteria.


I guess I should clarify a bit more on my comments about ROKSO at Spamhaus.

Spamhaus says here that people that have been thrown off 3 ISP due to spamming or providing spam services get on the ROKSO. So I tried to contact them to see what the process was for reporting that. If someone here knows how to do that and would like to share that would be great.

I do agree that to get delisted in the RBL etc they are responsive.

Also per my main point I wanted to thank those of you that got back with me about Adconion Direct.



I'll be honest and maybe I'm blowing off some steam but I didn't find them responsive the last few times I tried to contact them. I wasn't even trying to get my IPs off one their lists.

While working for a previous employer I found out we had a customer that was just a d/b/a for a known ROKSO offender. I tried to give as much info as I could so Spamhaus could get their name out there and poison their reputation better than we could. All I ever got was maybe a reply once and then nothing. After the second time of no action I figured they didn't care. And the ROKSO info is still out of date.