Anyone have details on MCI outage yesterday

Yesterday, around 10:00 AM Pacific Time 1/5/07, Kwajalein Atoll lost all
connectivity to the mainland. We were told this was because MCI "lost 40
DS-3s due to someone shooting up a telephone pole in California"

This affected Internet, Telephones (although inbound phone calls to the
islands were possible), and television.

Kwajalein access to the mainlaind is via Satellite to Washington connected to
terrestrial link to Georgia.

The outage lasted more than 12 hours.

It seems odd to me in this day and age that:

  1. There wasn't a redundant path for these circuits.

  2. It took 12 hours to restore or reroute these circuits.

Any details would be appreciated.



P.S. For those wondering "Where?" There are excellent resources in Wikipedia, but,
the short answer is Kwajalein Atoll is part of the Marshall Islands and is about the
midpoint on a line from Honolulu to Sydney. About 9N by 165E.