anyone have details about the attack on AGIS?

Seems that they were ping flooded, among other things.

Seems that they were ping flooded, among other things.

  I've heard a few interesting rumours:

    1. AGIS has been attacked (yes, this is only a rumour,
       the only "evidence" is on the AGIS web page)

    2. Somebody was pingflooding the routers

    3. Somebody was SYN-flooding the routers(???)

    4. The culprit was inside the AGIS network

    5. AGIS was doing some upgrades that went bad (again)

  Sure would be nice if AGIS was still friendly with other
  backbones, so we could all help trace down the culprit (even
  if it's just a typo in a router config), make it public among
  the NANOG community, and make sure that it doesn't happen to
  anybody else.

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Yesterday our connection to Agis went dead suddenly. We called up
the Agis NOC and were told that their Washington router was being
flood pinged. OK ... except that we connect in NY, not DC, and the
NY router looked to be dead.

So we waited a while and reported the problem again. This time we
were told that "they" were putting in some GRFs and hadn't even
bothered to tell the Agis NOC. The NOC couldn't tell us if they
were doing a router replacement in New York.

Several hours later the line came back up. Stayed up for a while,
went dead again. After a while, it came back up.

Sure would be nice if Agis was still friendly with their customers.
Or just anyone.

from the evidence at hand it seems that agis doesn't give a damn. to
those who remember the beginning of it is clear
that then ( and I would presume so now) they had a technical staff made up
primarily of newbies. Why their technical depth should be any greater now
escapes me. I mean would *YOU* want 6 months to a year of employment at
agis on YOUR resume?

and if you are currently clueful would you wait more than a nanosecond
before rejecting an employment offer from them? It is just a damned shame
how many isps apparently didn't do their homework before signing up with agis.

I wonder how long they can last?

Sounds like the perfect place for a turn-around artist to come in, take
over, and make it all right.


They were quick to call us when via email we mentioned blocking their AS at
our routers. But other than that they didn't seem to care.