Anyone have a layman's guide to writing an rwhois daemon?

Hi All,

I just wrote a perl daemon that seems to be a working rwhois server but the
RFC is quite difficult to read for me. When talking about the protocol it
mentions a bunch of requirements and describes them quite strangely
(see rfc2167 section 3.1.9). Is there a layman's guide around somewhere or
can anyone lend some advice here? Is what I wrote acting like a real
rwhois server - at least partially?

$ whois -h -p rwhois
%rwhois V-1.5:00ffff:00 (HopOne Internet Corp)
abusename:Abuse Department

(If you try running the command above it may or may not be running and may
not succeed)

If anyone knows where to get an rwhois daemon that has hooks for looking up
the data in an external database (not a .cdb database or flat file) I'd
appreciate it a great deal. I won't want to waste too much time on this if
I can help it but I want a functioning rwhois server. Our rwhoisd at has been broken for a while and for the life of me I
cannot figure out what's wrong with the data formatting it's using. I
attempted to join the mailing list for ISC's rwhoisd daemon but it's dead
(no volume on the list).

Dunno how much help it'll be but here's mine.. It's basic and probably
non-RFC compliant, but it might help.

Hey Tim, thanks a lot. This did help. I saw how you dealt with some
queries and stuff. Thanks again!