Anyone has a contact with IP clue at VerizonBusiness?

I know it may be a stretch but is there a remote possibility that someone
knows anyone inside Verizon Business who has an ounce of clue about IPv4
address allocation and routing?

It seems the panic over IPv4 scarcity is resulting in the most peculiar
ideas bubbling up in the IP provisioning side which must be stomped out of
existence before such ideas create signigicant connectivity issues.


What peculiar ideas might these be? Inquiring minds want to know (as well as
those who seek amusement, or need to be ready to deal with the aftermath).

Hi :slight_smile:

I don't manage IP space day to day anymore.. But can get you in touch
w/ the folks who do. No promises, as I don't know what the issue is -
but I can try to help clear up any problem as well. ..and there really
isn't a panic over here, we've known it was coming for years.