Anyone from Verizon/MCI/UUNet ?

We have a netblock that was assigned to us out of a long time ago. It has not been used in nearly a decade and still looks to be assigned to us. I'd love to see it reclaimed and reused by someone who needs it. Please contact me off list.


Would be great to see a variation of the hoarders tv show where we track
down hoarders of ipv4 :slight_smile:


I'd watch that show!

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I've tried to give this back before, but always have hit dead ends in trying to contact the proper people. The fact that it has gone through several administrative changes doesn't help that.

I do wonder how much space is out there that is unused, unwanted, but unreclaimed by upstream providers.


Make sure it goes to a good home where it will be well taken care of. Maybe visit it from time to time, it is hard to give up a good IP block :slight_smile:

Maybe if I tried to sell it to the highest bidder (particularly someone who has no need for it), it would raise the attention of someone...