Anyone from or hotmail around here?

I've been having a very hard time getting a simple question answered from your postmaster tech support, please hit me off-list.



I think I posted about this yesterday. Their ‘support’ got back to me today with:

“Thank you for Contacting MSN Hotmail Domain Support. Unfortunately we won’t be abl;e to provide you with spam samples”

I assumed this as a canned response. Then I noticed the “abl;e”. I would really like to speak with one of the MSN/Hotmail/Live postmasters/sysadmins. The mailservers are giving a lot of 550 responses from various servers in our network and the ‘support’ isn’t really giving me anything to go on.

Raymond Corbin

Support Analyst

While I don’t work in Hotmail, I usually suggest people start here:



Unless you offer a substantial sum of cash I wouldn’t expect any quality support…

  • John