Anyone (else)still have a Extreme Black Diamond deployed?

This is slightly technical (not really, but slightly)…

I am looking for folks willing to help me determine whether or not newer versions of the firmware have “slightly closer to functional” SNMP support please contact me off-list if you are interested.

I’ve tried asking extreme directly, but they’re honestly not sure.

I’m mainly interested in whether or not you can pass a value to OID: RFC1213-MIB::atIfIndex when issuing a snmpwalk as you are able to when polling a Cisco, Foundry switch (at least the ones I have)

For example: snmpwalk –v1 –c com host OID: RFC1213-MIB::atIfIndex.20399

(should return all IP addresses which are attached to Vlan 20399 :wink:

TIA as always,


Don't have any more BD6808s, so I can't help you out there.

Did you try asking in

There's got to be some 6800 shops on that list?