Anyone Deployed Ascend's GRF IP Switch?

> One big down point on the GRF's imho is that in order to change anything
> with them you have to run a gdcreconfig, which stops and starts gated,
> effectively taking down the routing for a period of time, whereas you can
> add/remove a static route from a cisco and not bring down the routing.

Back the truck up, where did you get this? If I want to change gated.conf
I need to run gdc reconfig after I am done. This DOES NOT restart gated.
If you want to restart gatec then do a gdc restart or gdc stop then gdc
start. I would suggest you work with the GRF and then say what it can or
cant do. It would be almost impossible to work with a box that would
restart every time you wanted to change the configs.

I seem to have made a mistake in terms here. gdcreconfig doesn't
*restart* gated, but it does/did disrupt it when ran before.

I haven't messed with a GRF in about 4 months or so now, so they may have
changed this. I have had a couple of personal mails as well as mails to
this list that have suggested this.

> GRF's also take about 5-10 minutes to reboot, which can be annoying.

This was the case when I was at AGIS a few months back. This again, may
have been fixed.