Anyone can suggest a good and reliable VPS provider in India ?

Hi ...

This is my last resort. Apologies if this have been discussed before or if
is totally OT ... but i figured i could find some useful help here.

I need to find a good VPS provider in India where to setup a small set of
machines in a Virtual Internal Private network (L2TPD/IPSEC) and an
extenrnal VPN to other sites with (IPinIP tunnels and IPSEC)

after doing research on internet i decided to try out CTRLs ( that looked the best in terms of ... everything.
What looks the best is not always the best as it turns out ...

I had all possible problems with them on any layer you can imagine ... from
having a server deployed on XEN that would be moved to OPENVZ on rebuild
(Bad but not the worst) ... to horrible packet loss to half of the world
that basically made them unusable for anything serious.

The only requirements i have is that the VPS should be close enough to
MUMBAI (don't have an ISP there yet so can't really say "close to what" )
and that their are reliable from a network point of view.

Does anyone have any GOOD experience with VPS in india to share with me ?

Thanks in advance for your help

Host Virtual ( has a location in India. I've had occasional
issues with them like sometimes the host server becomes i/o starved and
blocks for a minute or network connectivity randomly becomes lossy.
Nothing devastating, just a nuisance when it pages since I use it for
external telemetry. I just kind of let it slide most of the time though
because it's cheap.


Is hosting in another country that is *network*-wise close to Mumbai
an option? Or are there reasons it has to be physically in India?